Confident speaking from the inside out.

The work

About this work

Imagine what it would be like to stand in front of a group or audience and simply, easefully be yourself.  With no effort, words flow and the silences are golden.

Speaking from here is natural, effortless and is amazingly effective. Without trying, you find that you are building deep rapport with your audience, be it a single person, a group of co-workers, or a crowd of hundreds.  This is what the very best natural communicators do.

Excitingly, it can be learned.  And it can be taught.

The work of Speaking Circles (as originated by Lee Glickstein) is a practice in building authentic communication through “relational presence”.

Coached by Daniel Kingsley, a skilled facilitator, and working via practice evenings and workshops in small groups with a maximum of 10 participants or with Daniel one to one, you will be supported to find an easeful way of relating with an audience and in finding your true voice.

If you are already a confident speaker this practice will radically deepen the connection you can make with an audience.

If you feel scared to speak in public this practice can set you free to step forward and say what you need to say.

This is powerful, deep and transformative work.


This is a radically different approach to public speaking.  If you are interested in taking this work into your business, check out our sister organisation Presence for Public Speaking in-house training.

This work seems to honour and call forth what is authentically arising in me, in each moment, inspires me to experiment and inspires me to connect from a deeper place.  This is not about attempting to adopt yet another box of tips and tools for public speaking. It is much more than that.  Susan Sharples – Personal Development Coach