Confident speaking from the inside out.

One to One

This work is very powerful practiced in groups, but there are situations where working one to one can also be very helpful.

Using his extensive experience in public speaking, Daniel can also help you develop the content, structure and tone of a presentation, both in terms of the language that you use and how you express through your voice and non-verbal communication.

The advantages of working one to one are:

• Substantial individual attention
• Feedback on how you are “coming across”
• Coaching in structuring presentations
• Advice on effective use of language
• Ability to practice speaking for longer periods of time than are possible in groups.

To discuss whether working one to one would be helpful for you, call Daniel on 07958 655 406 or use the contact form here.

Daniel’s facilitation is remarkably free from any conscious or unconscious agenda. One notices how present and available he is, which means that what you get is fresh and authentic. He has an intuitive sense of when to let people find their own way and when to come in with a supportive suggestion.  J.T. London