Confident speaking from the inside out.

Daniel Kingsley

Who I am

Daniel KingsleyI worked as a barrister for 15 years and I became very accustomed to speaking in public and speaking persuasively.  I spoke regularly not only in court, but to audiences large and small, including making addresses to the UN Human Rights Council.

It was only when I discovered Lee Glickstein’s work of Speaking Circles, almost by chance, that I realised that there was a different, far more satisfying and effective way to relate with groups and audiences.  This was radically different from anything I had ever done – not only was I building deep rapport, I was being myself and having fun!  It felt like being set free.

I realised that this is what the very best natural speakers have always done, although they wouldn’t necessarily have been able to explain to anyone else how they did it – let alone teach it. What I had come across was a way to train the skill of deep and authentic communication.

I was so taken with this work that I embarked on training with Lee immediately, and quit the bar soon afterwards in order to concentrate on teaching others this amazing way of relating.

My calling is to help people to reconnect with who they really are and to step forward into the world from there, making real connections.  It is my privilege to support you on your journey.

Daniel creates a wonderful safe and supportive space in which we all get a chance to be truly present in connection with others. I have been four times, and have seen very confident speakers, and others who find it extremely challenging all getting something really valuable out of the workshops.   This is evidenced by the number of people who seem to come back time and time again.  Ruth Rose – Teacher