Confident speaking from the inside out.


The Foundation workshop consists of two parts – Foundation 1 (The Basics of Confident Public Speaking) and Foundation 2 (Speaking at Work).  Foundation 1 is a prerequisite for Foundation 2.  

All the workshops will be run by Daniel Kingsley.

For further information or to book contact Daniel by clicking here.

Upcoming workshops

We run workshops once or twice a month.  All details of our forthcoming dates have now been moved to our new site.

We are running regular public speaking workshops throughout 2022.

Please check our new Public Speaking London site, Presence Training for details of all upcoming workshops and prices.

Alternatively, feel free to contact us for more details.

Daniel clearly loves doing this work.  His abundant enthusiasm made each workshop a heart-warming, exciting and deeply affecting experience.  As a result of attending these workshops, I feel much more at ease, standing up and speaking my mind, showing my emotions, or even standing my ground in silence in front of a group of people.
A. S. – Yoga Teacher