Confident speaking from the inside out.

Overcome Fear of Public Speaking

If you’re scared of standing up and speaking in public you’ve come to the right place!

The Speaking Circles method was designed by Lee Glickstein 20 years ago in order for him to overcome his terror of speaking in public, and since then it has helped thousands of people to move from terror, through comfort, often ending up in a delight in being in front of a group or audience.

Many people find it relatively easy to speak to people one-to-one, but find it stressful to speak to large groups.  The Speaking Circles method teaches you how you can relate to an audience as if you were relating one to one, immediately making you feel much more comfortable.

Even if you don’t find it easy to relate one to one, the simple introductory exercises that we practice will gradually allow you increase your ease in relating with others, allowing you to feel much more comfortable in one on one as well as group/audience situations.

The best place to start is to come along to one of Daniel’s workshops, which assume no prior knowledge or experience.  If you can’t make a day workshop, you are equally welcome to attend one of the practice evenings, which are again suitable for beginners as well as people who are more experienced.  The Speaking Circles method is a powerful and simple way to overcome public speaking nerves or public speaking phobia.