Confident speaking from the inside out.

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About this work

The practice evenings are the foundation of this work – a chance to learn the basics and then to experience the depth that is possible when you start to experiment with other possibilities.

We gather in a small group (maximum 10 people) and create a very safe space where you are free to experiment.

We usually start with simple exercises building the ability to “hang out” in not-knowing, in silence, in relationship, before we add the possibility for words to arise. This is “relational presence” and is the cornerstone of this work. Once you know that you can be at ease in yourself with an audience without speaking, words are free to arise from a place that is fresh and free from stress.

Everyone will have the opportunity to take turns “up front” of the group, stepping forward and being themselves in relationship with a supportive audience. The turn may be used speaking or not speaking, or a combination of the two. This very safe training environment builds the “muscles” that you will use stepping out into more unknown audiences in the real world.

You will have the delight of witnessing the other participants as they step forward authentically as themselves, and the chance to give and receive appreciation of each other.

Daniel’s first focus is to create an environment that feels extremely safe for everyone participating as a foundation for people’s authentic voices to be able to emerge.  These evenings are usually both powerful and a lot of fun.

Daniel held the space in such a way that it felt safe to take risks – witnessing others communicate authentically inspired me to also step outside my comfort zone. The evening was a unique experience, and left me with a real sense of feeling good enough just as I am.  I have already drawn upon this experience at a recent public speaking event where I was able to take a risk that in the past I have not been able to take. So it is no surprise that I would love to attend more of Daniel’s practice evenings – I am officially hooked!  
Emma – Charity Director

This work seems to honour and call forth what is authentically arising in me, in each moment, inspires me to experiment and inspires me to connect from a deeper place.  This is not about attempting to adopt yet another box of tips and tools for public speaking. It is much more than that.  Susan Sharples – Personal Development Coach